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Learn about Yesterday to make a better Tomorrow


Learn about Fort Smith’s famous son and WW II hero, General William O. Darby.

He organized and trained the First Ranger Battalions, the elite combat force also called 
the “Darby’s Rangers”.

Boyd Gallery

A rotating exhibition schedule that highlights the history of Fort Smith. See staff for 
specific exhibition themes and topics

View the furnishings of the famous judge’s courtroom, including his original chair. 
Accompanying pictures, text, and objects help you put Judge Parker and his court into context


“On the Air” chronicles the broadcast history of Fort Smith and the region. The exhibition is the creative development of late Carl Riggins and Jim Roughley and includes many artifacts from Mr. Riggins personal collection


From the earliest days of Fort Smith’s existence as a city, Garrison Avenue has served as gateway west across the Arkansas River and the very cultural and economic heart of Fort Smith.

A replica of a nineteenth century woodworking shop, this exhibit houses the largest 
collection of antique woodworking tools in the region

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