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Vintage Radio

On The Air

Beginning with Fort Smith’s first radio station, KWHN in 1922, to the launch of KFSA, the first television station in Fort Smith and in the state of Arkansas in 1953, the history of “On The Air” extends into 1972 to create an exhibition that documents fifty years of rich media and communications history in the Fort Smith region.


The exhibition is the creative development of the late Carl Riggins who, along with Jim Roughley, curated numerous vintage artifacts from Mr. Riggins personal collection to tell this compelling narrative. You will discover the untold stories of radio and television stations, and the fascinating personalities who shaped broadcast history. 


Come explore the many artifacts on display and gain a deeper appreciation of the innovations and technological advancements that have shaped broadcasting in our area. This journey through time explores the innovations, personalities, and cultural impact of radio and television in the Fort Smith region.

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