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Col. George Sengel of Fifth Street

Feb. 22, 1900 — George Sengel sells his homestead on Fifth Street, which he built 18 years ago. Ed Haglin bought the property for $6,500.

An excerpt from the above link:

"George Sengel, of Fort Smith. Ark., a prominent merchant and state senator from the Twenty-eighth senatorial district, was born at Brumath, France, November 11, 1852. He accompanied his parents to Fort Smith, in 1856, and attended the common schools of that period, receiving only such education as they afforded. When fifteen years old he entered the hardware business with J. C. Atkinson, starting at the very bottom, and has devoted all his energies and labors to this line of commercial industry, until July 1, 1903, when he retired from commercial life and transferred his business to his brother Edward, and his son George.

In 1876 he became the partner of W. N. Avers, and started the firm of Ayres & Company, withdrawing from this firm in 1879, when he organized the firm of Sengel & Schulte, hardware merchants, and in T888 bought the interest of Mr. Schulte and organized the Sengel Hardware Company, with himself at its head. They did a large and successful business throughout this entire section. He has been a factor in the upbuilding of Fort Smith as well as the entire state, and devoted much of his time and means for this purpose...."

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