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A Walk Through Time


Fort Smith’s legendary Garrison Avenue is telling secrets again. This time, it brought back some of the most famous, and infamous, people to ever walk the wide roadway to tell their personal stories of what life was like when lawmen were legendary, and so were the outlaws.


Join us April 17 at 2pm when the Fort Smith Museum of History hosts a walking tour featuring some of the most notable people to visit the avenue. You’ll meet a fire chief who didn’t let a broken neck stop him for taking care of the city, a deputy with first-hand knowledge about the snake pit scene in the movie, “True Grit,” a local attorney so disliked by his piers they tried to disbar him and Judge Parker even called him a scoundrel…. You’ll be greeted by one of the first public school teachers to teach in a Fort Smith classroom, stand face-to-face with the most famous pair of love-bird killers ever known to America, and meet the lady whose jealousy led to gunfire, and whose story became Fort Smith legend.


Their stories are fascinating, and their stories are true. Hear them all April 17th beginning at 2pm at the Fort Smith Museum of History. This is a short walking tour, and group sizes will be limited due to covid. The tour price is included in the price of Museum admission.


Bring your camera. Bring your curiosity. And take a walk with us to Garrison.



Floyd Robison as Henry Serratt

Nancy Ahlert as Martha Jane Walker

Marcus Woodward as Deputy James Mershon

Ruby & Rodney Dean as Bonny and Clyde

Matt Hutchinson as J. Warren Reed

Debbie Carney as Julia Bourland

Carolyn Joyce as Miss Laura


*Tickets are: $7.00 for Adults (16 & UP), $2.00 for Children (6-15), Under 6 are free, $5.00 for Military (Active/Retired). Please call 479-783-7841 or for ticket info.

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